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Roaming, network of QR CODES
 withtranslationFR,NLand DE.

The computer Club of Noville has implemented a circuit to promote cultural and tourist the oldtown of Noville through QR CODES.


The contents of each QR CODE will allow you to see video interviews of the people of the country, stories or anecdotes, documents of yesterday and today on a place, or a character...

With your Smartphone, browse the heritage of the territory according to your desires and flash the warning signs over your "roaming" .

Operating instructions

Install a free QR CODE drive from the platform of you rsmartphone.
Scan the code using the downloaded player.
Discover unlimited associated multimedia content to the site.


If you do not have a smartphone or you do not want to install QRcode reading light son them, QR CodeReaderDesktop1.0 is for you.
This software can read image files in bmp, jpg, gif, tif, png containers QR codes in their breasts.
But QRCodeReader 1.0Desktop can also scan a QR code that appears directly on the screen with a selective screen capture system totarget the area that interests you.
Finally, discover in the space provided for this purpose if your code contains afamous Internet address, text, contact, email address and more.

Download and install:

Exemple :


3G - novilleclubinfo

Connect to Wi-Fi with a QR code!

With your smartphone or tablet,scan the QRcode below

Click<OK>, after a fewmoments, you are connected !