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Vaux and Fagnoux

At Vaux, the offensive was not as fierce, fighting stopped on the ridge between Vaux and Noville. This pretty village has been invaded by the Germans and remained under their control until January 15, 1945.

Nevertheless, some families whose family Girs have paid a heavy price. Two of his sons, Georges and Fernand, were arrested and loosely shot to band together with 32 other young people.

A Facey, as in Vaux, many refugees found asylum including farmyard Berte which hosted thirty. During the German occupation, the small Gisèle Berte was suffering from sore throats. She was being treated by a German doctor who feared a diphtheria epidemic and which prohibited his soldiers contact with refugees, giving civilians a relative quietude.

On 14 January, as the other days, women followed by a group of children went to the oven to bake breads that they could prepare. But alas, this last day of enemy occupation, a grenade exploded between the two groups. She seriously injured small Emile Berte aged 11 years. Cannot receive good care, beating German troops in retreat, is the next day that the American doctor cannot say his death. With regard to the other wounded, they quickly received adequate care