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Americans away in a vault.

Back to Bastogne in 1985, Dominic VASE(small) a former GI tells this somewhat dismal offensive episode.

His battery was posted to Savy. The front changed constantly. One day, the Gunners were ordered to stand north of Bastogne and deploy their guns in a field. They do not know in what village they are. They spot a few large trees, a Causeway Road and what seemed to them a chapel. Deployment has successfully completed, probably having been spotted by the enemy, a fire comes plowing the ground before the battery then other shots approaching them raise sheaves of Earth and snow.

Found, their cause was lost. Some of them were hiding in ditches along the road but they had to seek safer shelter as shells would soon achieve. Some one ran towards this "Chapel". Under their pressure, the door offered no resistance. Soon, they realized that this place was not much better and thought be considered trapped under rubble.

Dominic ran toward the altar with the intention of sheltering. Suddenly, he and his companions discovered a staircase which lead them to the cellar. They go down in this place where they can hear the muffled sound of enemy shells but it is black and wet, and it smells musty. In the basement, at the bottom of the stairs, the soil is very flat and groped, it ends up in a subterranean room with darkness prevents them to discern the contours. Anyway, this is the best place. They will stay there until the end of the attack. One of GI's lit a lighter and oh stupor, they think being in catacombs. There are cavities in the walls, some are empty and others are closed by funeral plates which bear inscriptions. A coffin in each of these cavities. What a dreary place! Shocked by the gruesome surprise, no one speaks while shells continued to rain. Lugubrious or not, all believe sacred lucky to have discovered this place. They were still a few shots but each time, their shelter has saved their lives.

By the suite, the straw was brought and the place served as a refuge where rest. Some of them slept even in the free cells of coffins.

In the year 1985, Dominic with the help of a guide to su find this place, it's the Hoffschmidt family vault in the cemetery of Foy-Recogne. He only acknowledged that when he went to the sub floor that not much has changed. After a moment of silence, he burst into tears. Then, he explained to his son who accompanied him that, if he had escaped death a day of January 1945, it is thanks to these catacombs.