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Civilians victims of Allied bombing.

On the evening of December 24, 1944, sixteen people took refuge at M Nicolas - Joseph Bergh. Mr. Bergh remains on the ground floor, his son Edward sleeps upstairs. The Rosière family, MOM and her five children, Genon MOM and her four children, Anna Henquinet, his son and Mrs Stévenart-Leonard, all of them find place in the basement of M Bergh. This stronger House already included in concrete slabs that made her a more secure shelter. The windows of this House having been broken, the windows were blocked by old holed blankets. A quinquet was hung on the wall.

Some are probably considering what should be the first eve of freedom, a new year's Eve they are dreaming for a long time. In the neighbouring House, Irma Copine recites the Rosary which meet about 20 votes.

We approach of midnight and aircraft noise tears heaven. Suddenly means a sharp whistle. Almost immediately, two explosions shake the village. One of the bombs reached the House Bergh. It is a phosphorus bomb. Imagine at this time the cries of children and those of panicked mothers seeking their loved ones. One can also imagine those wounded.

Aida Bozet is venture the first monitoring of Messrs. Galderoux and Paligot. Under the concrete blocks intertwine inert bodies. Six victims were to be deplored. Ten others are transferred to the House Bozet just in front. Rescuers though vainly trying to extinguish the flames.

Some argue that the American plane had spotted the gleam of the quinquet through poorly concealed windows.

The wounded wait three weeks before real care with only feed a cup of milk and a slice of bread per day. They were evacuated by a U.S. military ambulance to a hospital in Arlon where they will receive the necessary care.

The victims are:

Nicolas-Joseph Bergh.

Edward Bergh.

Anna Harding-Cammaert.

Maurice Cammaert.

Marie-Philomène Leonard married Stévenart.

Fernande Genon.