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Tuesday, December 19, 1944.

Around midnight thirty team Desobry begins its deployment in Noville, and two hours later, Major Desai and the bulk of his troops install dams on the access roads to the village.

After a brief stop at Bourcy, 2e division is Panzer road to the crossroads of Noville. Around 5 o'clock in the morning, a brief fight takes place between the German reconnaissance group and an outpost on the road Noville - Bourcy. But the Germans make a movement to attack directly north of Noville. 6: 30, on the main highway, the Sergeant Major Jones holds a roadblock. German tanks approached, he opened fire first without success. The replica is bright and its two tanks are destroyed by three German tanks that repel the section towards the village. The dam on the Vaux road was also abandoned. A gun pulling the Houffalize road destroyed six vehicles in the centre of Noville.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, the team Desobry had already committed two fights with the enemy. By mid-morning, the fog rises and under the eyes of the men of Desai appears a swarm of Panzers progressing towards the village. Desobry realizes that he has in front of his team a full armored division. He saw that the village ranged from ridges and that his defence was difficult if not impossible.

Towards 10: 30, the combat is committed and a shot of dam, using all the guns, bazookas and machine guns available breaks the German advance. Roberts, brigadier general Higgins and colonel Sink decide to send the 1St battalion 506e reinforcements in Noville while the 2e and 3e battalions moved to Foy.

Major Desai has requested leave Noville. Roberts teaches him that reinforcements arrive and Desobry responds: "I will prepare a counterattack." At approximately 13: 30, the first battalion of the 506e, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel La Prade arrived in Noville.

14: 30, the attack is launched by the Americans but it is stopped net. Infantrymen are maintained at the bottom of the hill opposite the village of Vaux but men must retreat.

The Germans counterattacked with sixteen tanks. American shots are back the Panzers while Noville is in flames. The visibility is zero and the Americans are hiding to Noville.

Higgins arrives at Noville and it promises reinforcements for the next day. A conference between La Prade, Colonel Sink, Major Desai and Major Harwick is held and during this conference an 88 mm shell through a huge Cabinet and kills La Prade while shrapnel wounded Desai at the head. Desai is evacuated to the field hospital of the 101e in the barrier - Haruna where he will be taken prisoner.

Harwick is in charge of the defence of Noville and Hustead replaces Desai.

Overnight, Noville is shelled by German artillery. Two tanks try to invest the village but they will be destroyed. The Americans hold good. Sink and Higgins asked Mc Auliffe permission to withdraw to Foy. Middleton refused but the night, 506e folds to Foy.

Noville surrounded, Mc Auliffe ordered to attack Recogne and join Noville to break the encirclement. Noville should be abandoned: we cannot sacrifice more men.

Shortly after noon, is preparing the evacuation of Noville. The order of withdrawal arrived at about thirteen hours. After many losses, the column which evacuates arrives in Foy at the nightfall. The column will continue its withdrawal up to Bastogne.

The losses are huge, it remains four tanks out of fifteen and the 506e lost thirteen officers and one hundred nine soldiers in Noville. The Germans have lost seventeen Panzer and three Mark IV. Twenty-five others were damaged. A whole battalion of grenadiers is decimated and one hundred forty-two are prisoners. This December 20, Noville was occupied again by the Germans.

Before these events, Noville had forty houses; later, thirty were destroyed and ten were uninhabitable...

Norbert Léonard testifies: "now we come to the great crossroads of Noville on the Cork road. This is desolation; everything is ruins. Our beautiful church is nothing more than a pile of stones and bricks and rubble result, exceed of gigantic stone seeking and fingers raised, thank heaven. On the forecourt and front of the communal house, cars and Duskwood tanks are interlaced as in a melee. Many dead bodies lie everywhere; It's a dantesque spectacle which presents itself to our view. »

During this battle, the crossroads of Noville who took successively five times by the forces in presence was regarded as strategically as important as one of those of Bastogne.

The bombing completely destroyed the village. There was more church or presbytery; all the tombs of the cemetery were disemboweled or almost; Town Hall, schools, housing everything was trashed in turmoil.

December 20, 1944.

Noville, the team Desobry, and the first battalion of the 506e were the farthest position of Bastogne.

In the night from 20 to 21 December, 77e and 78e Regiments of the 26e volksgrenadier Division then settled in Noville.

A Foy, the third battalion of the 506e has consolidated its positions. At five o'clock in the morning, the Germans are ready to attack and at 5: 30 the German artillery flows through the village. Shortly after 7 p.m., two German tanks arrived from the road of Houffalize. They enter the village and stops beside a House. Armed with a bazooka, an American patrol fired at the tanks. The first ignited and Sergeant Lesniak, in his Sherman, destroyed the second from point-blank range. A third German tank fired a few shots and damaged the Lesniak Sherman. The Germans send rolling fire: six Panzer advance and are arrested by hunters of tanks.The Shermans have more shells.

A Royal Tiger enters the village, a fire of Lesniak back quickly. In his assignment, he crushed a jeep and stops after having climbed a half-track.The crew of the Tiger fled into the fog.

Around 8 o'clock, Foy, the third battalion was attacked by tanks and armoured infantry. They hold up to 10: 30 and then evacuated on the Hill. Noville is encircled without hope a relief of Bastogne.

The wounded are many, two medical stations are submerged. The situation is critical. MC Auliffe is concerned. Will what price pay to maintain this position?

The Royal tiger was destroyed by defenders of Noville. In thick fog, visibility does not exceed 100 metres, we hear noises of tanks. It is a progression of Panzers. The fight lasted two hours but it pulls the noises without seeing or knowing what is happening.

When the mist rises, the Americans see fifteen Panzers which four are destroyed.

On 23 December, Noville is bombarded by American tactical aircraft.

January 02, Americans clean wood Jacques to join Noville.

On 15 January, from Cobru, release of Noville by CC ´´B´´ the 11e ArmD tanks and paratroopers of the PIR 2/506.