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Since 1980, videos recordings first on ink cartridges videos and DVDs subsitent then. After a long work of research, recoveries and transformations, a dozen clips are visible on the 2 videos of the memorial. This list will evolve on the basis of the new recoveries. If you still have, please lend them to us for a possible copy!

Video 1 - Choose and watch a video!

In the cellars of the school - December 1944 duration: 00:05:18

In 1994, in the show "Days of war", Yvan Sevenans (RTBF) questioned the occupants of the basement of the school in Noville in December 1944.

Hansel Lardinois and Franck Ménart duration: 00:06:56

In 1994, in the episode "Days of war", Yvan Sevenans (RTBF) reports American 2 GI's remarks.

The specification in Louis duration: 00:14:12

In 1945, in a notebook, Louis, from the top of its eleven years, recounts his experiences during the battle of the bulge.

Massacre of band - Fernand Girs (21 years) - Georges Girs (20 years) duration: 00:10:28

In 1994, in the show "Days of war", Yvan Sevenans (RTBF) says "The band Massacre".

Noville: General Desobry returns (1989) duration: 00:22:48

In 1989, the General Desai came back for the last time at Noville and tells all the details of the defence and the strength of its troops in December 1944.

TVlux - December 2004 - a month in hell duration: 00:04:54

On 21 January, the Gestapo is preparing a commit the irreparable. A resident of Vaux sees for the last time the parish priest of Noville, the Abbot Delvaux.

Three Jean (ne) - Marie - cellar Braquet duration: 00: 06

Jeanne-Marie Maboge - Jean-Marie Mathieu - Jean-Marie Lutgen.

In 1944, they had 6 or 7 years. In 2004, they visit the memorial then the cellar gear in which their families fled in 1944.

Video 2 - Choose and watch a video!

Commemorations 70th in Noville - December 2014 Duration: 0:07:53

Commemoration in Noville - Liturgy, tribute to shot and Desobry inauguration of the monument.

80 years of good cures duration: 00: 37

The Abbot Delvaux, Abbot Boeur, Glaude Abbot and Abbé Lambert we are told.

Alden Todd - the Bell of the chapel of Foy duration: 00:13:26

In 1944, through the destroyed Chapel of Foy, the American soldier Alden Todd won a Bell of choirboy. It will report the December 16, 1984. He returned often to Foy. Died in 2006, his ashes were scattered from his tree, "wood of peace."

Foy - Slide show duration: 00:11:44

2 sequences:

  • Efforts of memories

  • Photos of Foy during the battle of the Ardennes

The cellar - 2004 - slide show duration: 00:15:00

In 2004, as part of commemorations of the battle of the bulge, the theatrical troupe of Noville to presented "The cave", recounting the lives of civilians in their cellars during the offensive, a creation of Francis Genon.

75 years of the Abbot Bernard Lambert duration: 00:13:42

September 18, 2005, all parishioners of Noville met to celebrate the Abbé Lambert, their last parish priest.