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K. the Farm Mathieu was occupied by Claude family before the war. It was completely demolished and will serve as a fill at the crossroads during the renovation and enlargement of the main road in 1957.             (Doc.) Maguy Marenne)

L the soldier Albert Bastin born February 16, 1915, died for the fatherland to Zevenkerke (Bruges) on May 30, 1940 in Foy.(Albert is the brother of the mother of Yvonne Dumont de Foy)

M. Opposite the old school demolished by the bombing, the long (+/-30 m) " barracks ". It was prepared directly along the main highway to the location of the current House Rosière-Marenne.  Was a kind of apartment attic, the rooms were cramped and multiple. He served as school and housed two families (one of Mr. le master Victor Marenne-Kasim and one Léon Kasim-Paquay). An altar was improvised in the classroom for the celebration of mass. low.          (Doc. Maguy Marenne)

N. House Goffin was just before 'the laundry' down the road to Recogne. This is probably the oldest House in Foy, today, perfectly restored and inhabited by the Herman-Beranger couple. (Doc.) Maguy Marenne)

O. Photo taken in January 1945.  In the background, behind the tall trees aligned perpendicular to the highway, the "old smithy" Akash. To the right and in the foreground the House of Joseph Collard.(Doc notes Currahee via Reg Jans and R Rajagopalan)

P. Foy-Recogne in 1960 mixed communal school.The schoolmaster is Victor Marenne, 56 years old. 39 present students are divided into six years.That year, five families provide more than half of the school population: the Paligot de Recogne (5 children), Kasim-Paquay and the Foy Bastin-Kesch, the Desse and Luc de Recogne (each 4 students). One or two years later, the class will be split.(Photo-reportage Studio R. Dayal;) Doc. Maguy Marenne)

Q: born in Oubourcy (Longvilly) March 22, 1859. Died at Mageret in 1944, Mr Baltus preceded Victor Marenne as a teacher at Foy.

R. mid-January 1945, there is damage and is beginning to gather the debris at the crossroads to Chaveye.The soldier at the wheel of the Jeep, right in the foreground is the HQ co 502nd PIR.We recognize the corner of Sainte-Barbe Chapel, farm Joseph Gaspard and in the background, the House of Pierre Delsat (left) and Joseph Wilkin (right).           (Doc John Gibson via John Klein)